Alberto González, bass

It was a period in which grief, darkness, and death had overtaken every part of my life. Then one day, there it was, as if poetry had come to life. The instrument chose me, not the other way around.

How long I have been playing and how many hours a day I practice is irrelevant. What IS relevant is this: Every single time I pick it up (the bass), I always pour my heart and soul into it, and the music makes itself. My approach to the bass and music is of Taoist roots: you have to surrender your feeling, thoughts and your essence to it, and then it tells you what to do. Some people call that inspiration, in Taoism we call that "the will of the heavens." You have to approach an undertaking from a place of humility. I am the medium for the instrument to express itself, all I have to do is BE THERE FOR IT. In that perspective I am not committed to any specific style of playing. What I am committed to is sharing the beauty of the songs we play. I know I can't defeat time or death, that only a work of art can; and if something we play (a song or even a single note) can strike a fire in somebody's heart, then I will know the time spent playing music was well spent.

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