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I came out last night to see you guys play at Rebecca's. I just have to say that I think you are amazing musicians. So talented and unique. Beautiful songs, beautiful music, beautiful voices. I love you guys and hope to hear you play more often. HUGE fan. Downloading the CD onto my phone today. Jennifer B., Rebecca's Coffee House

I book shows for San Diego Folk Heritage and get Enter the Blue Sky out as often as I can. Even though our audience tends to prefer traditional folk acts, they always go over well. The material is great, the performance is lots of fun, and I can always count on the group to be professional. JT M., Train Song Festival

Enter the Blue Sky is a tight band that plays all original material. The group has a very unique and original sound with high energy. It features Karen Childress-Evans on viola; she plays with verve and finesse. Steve L., Del Mar Fair

Show tonight was OUTSTANDING!! Loved No Soy De Aqui, and Life Is Life. I don't remember which song it was on which I exclaimed about how awesome the bass sounded. But he was great! I'm listening to No Soy De Aqui by the original artist right now. Thanks for widening my horizons in music! GG., Rebecca's Coffee House

Insanely good! Original music—there is no doubt about this from the opening chords to the ending verses. The sincerity of the lyrics and their delivery is nuanced and powerful at the same time. The guitar work is not pretentious and the singer-songwriter crafts songs with just enough hook to keep them interesting without pandering to commercial tastes. She knows what she is doing; the songs make you want to know her.

The viola was magic—the Garfunkel to Simon's lyrical inventions. Rather than seeing someone saw away in the background, the viola is integrated perfectly into the songs and my sense was that these songs would not be what they are without this second voice. To watch the playing is like watching an artist work the canvas with an expert brush—adding color here, a dot of red, a swatch of blue-green. It creates an artistic experience well beyond what we expected.

This is local artistry that could readily be global—but sure makes you glad you live here. Go see them! Doug R., Sheldon's Service Station, La Mesa

Your lead singer is stellar, every one of your band is masterful! Vicki B., Oceanside, CA

I am indeed very much enjoying your disc. I discovered it on cd baby, where I find most of my music purchases. I prefer supporting independent artists, and it's so much more fun seeking out unique bands and sounds. It's my guilty pleasure. As for your disc, I like the spare production, the vocals, and the very hip vibe. Your bandmates and you swing in a laidback way. Your sound makes me want to have people over, have a few coctails and brag how hip I am for listening to music like yours. Let me know if you ever come to Connecticut. Bob P., Connecticut

This show is always awesome! The vocals and the writing are raw and emotional. The viola keeps it warm and soothing. The harmonica player fires some tasty licks and the stand up bass gives the bottom end a little more excitement, not just in playing, but in showmanship. - Shannon & Barrie D., Coyote Music Festival

It was awesome, theses guys rock. Sande is an amazing songwriter and vocalist. I can't get enough of Enter the blue sky. - Ruthie S., Kaffee Meister

It was a pleasure working with Sandé and Enter the Blue Sky band. They were a draw, showed up early for sound check, were professional all the way through, more than fully cooperative in supplemental cyber-marketing, great in communication, and did their full performance 100%. Not to mention I very much loved their original music, in which they all performed with creativity and with passion. Enter the Blue Sky promised, and delivered more than what they promised. I would love to work with them again someday. - Dat Phan, The Comedy Store

I truly like this band, a poet and her minstrels. Do yourself a favor and see them live. - Diego A., DiMille's

What a treat! San Diego is lucky to have this homegrown talent. Sande's songwriting goes right to your heart, every word and note, and the entire band lifts those songs to the Blue Sky. - Toni C., DiMille's and many places

Great songs, great energy and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend them! :) - Jake S., SD GypsyFest

You really have to come out and hear these folks. The songs are original and speak to all generations and genres. Sandé Lollis is an outstanding poet and songwriter. Treat yourself to some amazingly good music. You won't be disappointed. - Karen E., Hard Rock Cafe

A BIG thank you to Enter the Blue Sky for such a fun show at our shop Friday night! Sandé's songs are so varied that she keeps the audience captivated the entire evening. Love these guys! - Leslie E., Kaffee Meister

They're great, aren't they! I finally got to hear them live last month and was impressed. Sandé and the band are NOT kidding around. Claudia R., KSDS Jazz88

Last night I got to hear Enter the Blue Sky, a terrific Americana quartet. They performed at Trinitea Tea House in La Mesa. I don't get to hear this music often but will try to get to more. This band is lead by Sandé Lollis, singer, songwriter, guitar (and Miff Mole's wife); Karen Childress, viola; John Seever, harmonica and Alberto Gonzalez, bass. My favorite song of the night was "Why Not Me": a big rocking groove. Fun. Bonnie W., Trinitea Tea Lounge

Sandé Lollis and her rocking band have a beat that keeps me DANCING 'til I drop. - Sweet Joyce Ann, Wild Older Women

Very moving and soulful! - Leon A., Hart Lounge

These guys are consistently amazing! Original songs, great sound, and variety of instruments, truly great Americana music! - Amie H., Hard Rock Cafe

Great band! Awesome and well crafted original tunes! Fun show and great crowd! I received and heard many great compliments for the band. People who had never seen them before were very impressed and very entertained! Sandé and the gang are such a pleasure to work with. I look forward to having them again at the Spacebar for another edition of "San Diego...In The Raw!" - Tim Cien (The Fire Brothers/Formerly N-E-1), Spacebar

ETBS is awesome! Highly recommend. Great music, beautiful voices, and harmonica is outstanding! - Wendy F., Hard Rock Cafe

I really love this band. I remember the first time I heard Sandé play the song With a Gun... I practically had tears because it was exactly what I was feeling. You guys are amazing. I really like how you guys get along and mesh really well. I wouldnt change a thing honestly... Other than play more! :) - Noura, Trinitea Tea Lounge

Fantastic! Enter the Blue Sky knocks it clear out of the park for me every single time I get to hear them! Such energy, passion and sheer talent! The original songs are so good they keep you humming the tunes for days afterwards. - Alana C., Hard Rock Cafe, Old Town Day of the Dead Festival

I have seen a number of their shows. What I like most about them is they are full of energy. Sandé has a great voice, Karen plays a great viola, and that harmonica player ... amazing. - Henry A., various venues

Enter the Blue Sky creates a warm atmosphere in which they take you the listener into their world of rich melodies and sincere story telling. The members blend together beautifully creating a welcoming soundscape for the audience. The talent and experience of the band collectively is showcased and the shows are always impressive. - Nyroh, H., Hard Rock Cafe

My sister said she wished you had a CD. - C., various venues

Every time I get a chance to see the band, everyone is energetic, with well timed solos. Each member fits together like pieces of a musical puzzle. Sandé's voice is sincere and powerful. Great local talent! - Steve W., Kaffee Meister, Navajo Live

I enjoyed Enter the Blue Sky. Great music. Each of you are great and together, it makes for an excellent band! Look forward to seeing you again. - Cindy, Spacebar

Who woulda thunk that a guitar, harmonica, viola, and bass could produce the kind of music that this group does. From toe tapping to tear jerking, they produce a wide range of enjoyable music, all of it original! If you want to be entertained for a few hours, this group is a must-see. - Dave R., Kaffee Meister

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