Adams Avenue Street Fair - October 1, 2017
Hold On - KQ Ranch, June 30, 2017
Sandé Lollis Interview - Gurlz Talk Rawk, February 22, 2017
Sound Advice - May 1, 2016 at deMille's for Adams Avenue Unplugged.
See if you can find the hidden meaning behind this crowd pleaser!
I Really Want You - 11/20/15 - Filmed by Valentine & Raquel, students at Cuyamaca College, up at the Hoover Barn in Santa Ysabel
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Super fan Henry A. posted this video from Kaffee Meister gig - 10/30/15
Adolfo Almazan posted our rendition of La Llorona from Day of the Dead 2014

Do a Youtube search for Sandé Lollis and Enter the Blue Sky and you can follow this from the very beginning. There have been several personnel changes since that first gig at Renegade in Lakeside, California. The first incarnation included a keyboard but no harmonica; then came harmonica and soon after that, the keyboard fell away. Violin fiddle was switched out for viola. Finally, with the switch from electric bass to upright, it became clear that there was no longer the need for drums. As some left, others joined up, and the sound was honed and sweetened into what it is today. Youtube search results

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